Luca Hart & Riaan Smit

November 16, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
cafe Roux Cape Town

 luca hart & riaan ssmit


Luca Hart and Riaan Smit, both successful songwriters in their own genres, now bring their stories together for an evening of expression, soul, and instrumental collaboration. Having recently performed at Up the Creek 2017, they now perform their individual music, followed by a joint set, at Cafe Roux.

Luca Hart:

Classically trained violinist and recording engineer Luca Hart creates her own compositions, ranging from soulful singer/songwriter ballads to cinematic soundscapes, always incorporating the violin in an enticing live performance boasting technique and flowing melodies. A creative one-woman force, she masters the composition and production, through to the album designs herself and draws audiences large and small with her honest and charming performance.

Luca has performed with LUMA, Spoegwolf, Hatchetman, Crimson House, Matinino, Mr Cat and the Jackal, Gerald Clark and Arno Carstens, amongst others. Apart from performing and recording, she also teaches violin and music theory, and is a passionate hiker and adventure seeker- sometimes creating nature documentaries to suit her compositions. Her aspiration is to compose for film.

Music video:

Riaan Smit:

Riaan Smit sings from the depths of his soul and has mastered the art of expression in music, his styles range across the board with an affinity for blues and Gypsy music. He has traveled and toured across the globe learning the language of music through collaborating with artists wherever he goes. Namibian born and based in South Africa he has entertained audiences far and wide with his show band Crimson House, and toured the world with his touring act the Brothers Remedy.

A naturally gifted multi-instrumentalist, Riaan finds expression in guitar, harmonica, percussion, bass, and a baritone voice that can scream or tell a sweet soft story.

Known as the “Ringmaster” in performance arts circles, his ability to lead a 70 piece circus has been proven time and time again when he leads the successful circus show the  “Trash Cabaret”.

“The music is in you, that piece of wood doesn’t sing until you touch it”

Music video :

**Please note: Dinner from 6.30/7pm. Show to start at 8.30pm