Luna Paige: Her Blues

November 9, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
cafe Roux Noordhoek

luna paige 1a



This is a show for all those who love the blues!!

With Luna Paige, Simon Orange, Kevin Gibson, Shaun Johannes and more… The musical director of this show is Simon Orange.

Luna Paige is known as one of SA’s strongest female vocalists. This is her first full blown blues show and she is excited to perform songs by female artists who have inspired her as a performer. She will be accompanied by the accomplished musicians Simon Orange on keys, Kevin Gibson on drums, Shaun Johannes on bass and more. Don’t miss this celebration of good music and blues by some of Western Cape’s top musicians and an amazing South African songstress.

Luna Paige performs famous songs and shares anecdotes and history about the women in blues who sang them (20’s till current times).

Luna will take the audience on a journey from early gospel blues, into the raunchy bars where naughty blues was prevalent. Songs like “Don’t you feel my leg” by Blu Lu Baker and “If I can’t sell it!” by Ruth Brown comes to mind.

Famous Blues tunes by singers such as Etta James, Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald can be expected, celebrating the introduction of female lead singers into big bands in the 50’s. Then Luna and the band will take blues lovers into the 60s’ where social and political activists such as Nina Simone made an impact on the blues and jazz scenes and started singing about social issues such as racial and sexual inequality. This era is followed up by the introduction of rock and roll and modern blues, with Luna performing songs by legendary singers such as Janis Joplin, Tina Turner, Bonnie Raitt and Tracy Chapman.

What will become evident during the course of this show is the universal theme that trails through these female singers’ music since the 20’s and how these blues and predominantly African-American women, used their music to make social commentary, to  break rules, to promote feminism and to rebel against societal constructs that oppress minorities. Many of these women dropped out of the music scene for decades, to resurface and make come backs after the introduction of the rock and roll era. Some became nurses, housewives, activists while a few shared a less fortunate and tragic fate. Either way. These women had a lot to say and they made damn sure they said it.