5 Minutes with Chris Chameleon

You are one of the most unique & diverse performers we’ve had the privilege of seeing on our cafe Roux stage. How would you describe your music to someone who has never seen you perform?

Describing music is like painting flavours – it’s always a bit of a compromise. but if i had to describe my music I’d say it’s like a stir fry with a dash of lime and chilli.

What do all the awards & nominations over the years mean to you?

They are reminders of acknowledgements i have gotten from the industry over the years. although they pale in comparison to the audience of every nights performance, they do create a warm, fuzzy feeling. i think the difference is that the acknowledgment of the industry by means of awards appeal to my vanity, whereas the acknowledgement of an audience inspired completes my work.

Intimate setting or big concert arena? What is your favourite performance space?

It’s like Porches and donkeys – a Porche is not of much use in the Lesotho mountains and a donkey somewhat cumbersome on an autobahn. they are completely different and each particularly suited to their own environment. in an intimate setting i manage to take the audience on a journey through the self, by opening up myself, creating a comfort zone of honesty. in a large venue or festival, i take the audience along on a common journey, a whole bunch of selves in a herd, headed off on some special journey.

Who is on your bucket list of artists you would love to see live?
Fleetwood Mac

What can our audience expect from your upcoming cafe Roux shows?

For some time now I have been applying myself to firmly embracing the present. as such, i spend much time in thought or meditation and in practise to rid myself of the burden of expectation, since the latter effectively removes us from the joy of the present. i would be inconsistent to encourage expectation from other folks. there’ll be bass, guitar, two voices in four octaves and stories to make you weep a little, laugh a lot and question either yourself or me. or both. 

Catch CHRIS CHAMELEON LIVE at Café Roux Noordhoek and Cape Town this coming new week.
14th June – Cape Town
15th June – Noordhoek
Tickets R 150
To book visit www.caferouxsessions.co.za