a Q & A with Monark…

A quick chat with Graemme (drummer of SA Band Monark) ahead of their upcoming gigs at Cafe Roux.


1.       If you were not a musician, what else would you be, and why?

A bush pilot. Flying and the African bush – two of my favourite things in life.

2.       What sparked your love of music?

Hard to pinpoint, but seeing Phil Collins live in SA when I was 11 must have played a big role in my playing drums.

3.       What is the one thing you cannot live without?

Quietly watching the sun go down in the middle of remote Africa a few times each year.

4.       What is your favourite track at the moment?

Wherever I go – OneRepublic

5.       How did your musical journey start?

I organized drum lessons the moment I went to high school, without asking my parents, and came home to announce I was starting the drums.

Catch Monark perform a special 2 night performance at Cafe Roux on the 6 & 8th October. Dinner from 7pm and Show start at 8:30pm. Tickets can be purchased via webtickets online. www.caferouxsessions.co.za