The Bro Show

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Catch our debut at Cafe Roux. Two Noordhoek locals set out to take on the world. With a five year age gap the brotherly banter couldn’t be any stronger. The younger of the two, comedic Merlo , 14 years old and weighing in at 59kgs currently in training at the College of Magic aswell as a member of the Zip Zap circus. Entertaining Eneo weighing in at 73kgs at 19 years of age, involved in magic for the last 7 years with more recent hypnotic powers added to his repertoire.  A quick witty comedy magic show characterized by confusion and mind-blowing magic

Money for Bali

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Money for Bali will be back at Cafe Roux on the 29th of May.  After 4 single release this year the band has been pulling no punches.  The singles “Chains”, “No Milk”, “Eyes Like Fire” and “Dream for a day” have all made it onto local radio stations as well as playlists such as Apple Musics best of the week.  Mixing these songs into their set of varied genres you can expect the unexpected as Money for Bali explore old sounds with the new.  If reggae, funk, rock, jazz excites you then this is a night not to be missed.


Stoker Vinyl

stoker vinyl


With their brand of honest, dirty rock ‘n roll, Stoker has made their presence known with heavily distorted guitars, bass and pounding drums that drive the melodic intensity of their songs.

Stoker is made up of two sets of brothers hailing from two small towns. Chris and Jurgen ‘Borrie’ Bornman are from Rawsonville and Morgan and Redge O’Kennedy are from Malmesbury. Both of the older brothers imparted their passion for rock ‘n roll onto their younger brothers.

Chris and Borrie originally kicked off as a 3-piece with drummer Joe Theron releasing their first single Stuck in the Alcohol together. In 2013 the O’Kennedy brothers joined Stoker, adding to the dose of vim and vigor.

The guys quickly established themselves on the local live scene and they kicked into high gear in 2014 with the release of their EP, Fox in a Hole.

With this release and Stoker’s revered live performances, they seamlessly became the band everybody likes or wants to be like.

Festivals caught wind of this exciting band, which led to stellar sets at Oppikoppi (2014, 2015), Up the Creek (2015, 2016), Ramfest (2014), Synergy Live (2011, 2014) and Zeegunst (2015).

The success of their singles Evil Shaker, Take a Stab and A Stranger Throne triggered the recording of their full length self-titled debut album.

Stoker’s self-titled album was released at the end of January 2017 and the first single from the album, Forever Drive, was premiered on 5FM’s Hamman Time show.

This debut album garnered great reviews and shows the listener exactly who Stoker is – a class act with a pure love for rock, setting new standards and breathing new air into rock music.


Fundraiser for Erin Haveman

Erin fundraiswer







My first video of Erin singing is when she was 4 years old. This video includes Leah Bell Leask, the two have been friends since birth and Leah will be joining Erin on stage on the 8th May. However, Erin was singing before she could even talk properly. She began her first singing lessons at 11 years of age and quickly moved onto teaching herself piano and guitar so that she could accompany herself. She is now just as passionate about drama as she is about music and feels quite at home on stage. Her dream is to build a career in the performing arts industry and she has been determined to achieve this goal since she was 6 years, old with her determination and commitment growing with each passing year. To be invited to perform at this prestigious event in the United States in July is the stepping stone she has been waiting for and working towards all these years. She was over the moon to be accepted and invited by Kim Meyers to perform on the ARTS stage in Orlando Florida and has worked extremely hard to prepare herself for this event. Erin is hoping to make the most of this opportunity and sees this as the beginning of her career in an industry she has always dreamed of.


Bed on Bricks

Bed on Bricks


Born in 2003 in the shadow of Table Mountain, Bed on Bricks celebrates their 10th birthday this year. A band that has appeared on stages all around South Africa, headlining many local festivals and touring the country, while also releasing three studio albums, namely ‘Humanarium’ (2003), If You See Kay (2005) and Royal Honey (2008), as well as a live acoustic album, ‘Takeaways’ in 2006.

Singer Mike Hardy’s lyrics are smart, positive, informed and questioning. Whether they are rapped or sung, they remain inspired by life in urban Cape Town. Schalk van der Merwe’s bass, Tim Rankin’s drums and Dave van der Linden’s guitar are played with passion and energy.

They have been on a forced sabbatical for 2 years after Dave broke his hand and has been unable to play.

Bed on Bricks are into the sweetness of life at the Southern tip of Africa and playing their instruments for the love of it. And man do they love it!



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Nomawethu (Nhoza) Sitsholwana is a singer/songwriter in a genre she calls ‘traditional African fusion’, which personifies blues, jazz and traditional African music. She was born in a small Eastern Cape village outside King William’s Town and now resides in Cape Town.

Nhoza, who proudly calls herself unolali, meaning ‘village girl’, uses a natural skill to combine her deep-seated traditional African harmonies with strong blues/rock influences that she picked up from her years on the Capetonian music scene.

In 2002, Nhoza left the village with her parents and moved to the big city of Cape Town where she met up with a wonderful vocalist from Gugulethu, named TitNhozaTira and a keyboard player naNhoza Yeye. “They trained me on how to work with a live band and trusted me with harmonies since I had the choir background.” Her first show was at Maningburg Jazz Cafe at the Waterfront – not bad for someone still in high school.

Roots Grown Deep to name a few, and has also worked with the Vuyan Dance Company on their themed performance (Sophiatown) in Johannesburg.

She has travelled extensively around South Africa, Namibia, Malawi, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Mozambique and for the last 10 years served as front-woman for her own band Black South Easter.

Now, at the ripe age of 31, this unolali is ready to spread her wings as a solo artist and share her love of music with the world.

With her wide vocal range, beautifully developed into the rich, soulful blues/jazz sound she radiates on stage today, Nhoza’s early days in the church choir seem like a lifetime ago, but she still recognizes this vital part of her history as a springboard for her musical career. She has put together a band of brass, bass, drums and keys to accompany her unique genre, although she regularly performs as a solo or duo act.

From singing in jazz clubs at the age of 15, Nhoza would go on to craft a musical career of note, sharing the stage with the créme of Southern African blues artists like Richard Pryor, Riaan Smit, Dale Collins, Doc John, James Kibby,Sannie Fox, Guy Collins, Ann Jangle and many more. 


Son of Leto

Son of Leto 23







Son of Leto, Greek God of music, poetry & lyric, is no myth! His blazing spirit relocated to sun kissed Cape Town and is personified by a New Alt four piece band. Samuel Hyde (front man/piano) Daniel Paulse (drums) Joshua Buchalter (guitar) & Denise Onen (bass synth.
For them, pushing beyond the divine boundaries of music, sound & performance is the order of the day!
‘Pharisee’,their debut single was met with critical acclaim after bursting into the top 20 charts. ‘Secret Sunrise’, their second rock-electro single, is widely play-listed on national radio stations.
The band are set to release ‘Soldiers’ a song created to illuminate the dimly lit corridors of socio -political topics.
‘Soldiers’ will be accompanied by a music video in the style of a short film.
Prepare your mind. Open your ears. Son of Leto is here to radiate your soul.

My Brother Einstein

My brother einstein







Born and bred in 4 different regions of South Africa. My Brother Einstein brings you an amalgamtion of emotion and style to keep your ears close and your hearts warm.
“This is an interesting new look at folk and alternative rock accompanied by a full emotive sound “ – Texx and the City
Opening act: The Stinging Rogers

Herschel unplugged








Herschel Girls Senior School guitar department presents Herschel Unplugged, our annual showcase of guitar and vocal students performing acoustic covers of popular songs. The line-up includes a broad range of artists, from Dolly Parton to Ed Sheeran and Billy Eilish. This year for the first time we will feature a PMlugged’ element with the debut peformance of our newly formed rock band.


Fiona Hare

fiona hare






Fiona Hare is a multi-instrumentalist who plays guitar, hang drum, percussion and didgeridoo and is also well known a sound therapist and recording artist. She has performed around South Africa. As a sound therapist she has developed an ability for overtone singing. Fiona is also an expert in facilitating interactive circles for teambuilding and the therapeutic use of sound and drumming in corporations.  She has produced two CDs combining meditative and world music, composed for relaxation and upliftment. Her work has received acclaim world wide.

Fiona is happiest singing and performing live at events and functions & facilitating Sound Journeys. She lives in Cape Town, South Africa. To book:
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Raised on a farm in Hermanus, in the Hemel en Aarde Vallei, her father plays the violin and her mother the piano. She started playing the piano at 5, and naturally went on to play guitar, drums and didge in highschool, taking classical guitar as a subject. She has trekked across the Sinai desert with a darambuka drum on her back, seeking instruction from the Bedouins at 20.

Her music hearkens to a raw resonance with nature, and she believes in the organic, unjaded sound. She experiments with Folk and Blues in the Indie Rock Folk genre.  She continues to learn and grow through experimenting with sound: layering sound & harmonies which she calls Folk-Tronica.