3Some – (Wendy Oldfield, Lionel Bastos & Cindy Alter)

November 2, 2016 @ 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Cafe Roux


The greatest ideas often happen in the most mundane ways, and this one is no exception. Thanks to a phone call at the top of Boyes Drive, Cape Town, three South African music legends – Cindy Alter, Lionel Bastos and Wendy Oldfield – are collaborating in a new show, 3Some.

The connections between them are long-standing. When Clout were just starting out, their drummer lived in the same small apartment block as Bastos. She overheard him playing a song called Gimme Love, and said she’d play it to her manager as she thought Clout would do a great version. A few years later they recorded it in Hamburg, it was the B-side of their Wish I Were Loving You single, and is on their Greatest Hits CD. Bastos also wrote Risky Business for the Clout reunion album in 2008.

Oldfield and Bastos connected when she had just had a massive solo hit with Acid Rain. She was about to do her second solo album and was looking for producers, and Bastos had been producing artists in Europe and had written a song Oldfield quite liked. The record label agreed he’d make a great producer and teamed him up with Thapelo Kgomo to produce Oldfield’s Ruby CD.

3Some is a show where each of these seasoned performers/writers will show off their individual talents and then end by performing a set together in a power collaboration of note.


***Please note that dinner is available from 7pm & show starts at 8:30pm