March 20, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
cafe Roux cape town

Dumama & Qhawekazi HR Edited BAYEZA - gabriella achadinha -2


Using the rich complexities of the multi-faceted  experience in post truth and reconciliation South Africa; the never-ending contradictions, politics of love and spirit life as  inspiration; emerging musician Dumama (born Gugulethu Duma) collaborates with multiinstrumentalist Kerim Becker in composing and performing a layered experience building live loops on the spot.

Dumama spent one month in a mentorship (Found At Sea workshop based performance project) with wise elder Madosini – learning how to build and play uHadi and uMrhube indigenous Xhosa bow instruments. This research was inspired by feeling violently uprooted from her Xhosa identity as a result of apartheid. This inspired a need to interrogate the contradictions of colonial education on her quest for a decolonized existence. She uses the inaccessibility of documented identity and histories as inspiration behind the expression.

Dumama was raised in eMonti (East London), Eastern Cape where her love for music was initially ignited. She then relocated to Pretoria with her family, performed and studied in Johannesburg and relocated to Cape Town (Feb 2016), where she met Kerim Becker, Algerian-German band partner studying African Music.
Their project seeks to reimagine social spaces as sites of  free artistic expression where they build intentional communities, which is not easy to do globally, but more so in the segregated, Cape Town city spaces. In her writing process Dumama hopes to uncover narratives of displacement; generate, imagine
and raise the voice of the voiceless in recognizing and raising her own. Through collaborations and performative expressions, this project  explores ways of transcending limiting experiences  faced as a young, black, female creator in urban South African spaces, heightening and healing the experiences that form the fabric of the individual and collective identities.

The result: a sonic voyage to past/present/future. Motivated by the celebration and preservation of Indigenous Sounds and knowledge systems, Dumama discovers a fusion of free jazz, Xhosa folk and some liminal space not necessarily definable.
Experimentation, improvisation and honest expression are key elements where the project and the audience go on a journey into a deep sea of sounds and words with visual projections at every show in collaboration with local visual/multi-media artists. The duo work with the following tools:
– Vocals, loop station and vocoder – Guitar (hand crafted) and multiple pedals – Uhadi and uMrhube (hand crafted Xhosa bows) – Chitende (hand crafted) – Hand Made percussive instruments – Synthesizer .

** Please Note: Dinner from 6.30/7pm. Show at 8.30pm