Mean Black Mamba

June 8, 2016 @ 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
cafe Roux


Mean Black Mamba is a two piece roots and blues band consisting of Guy Collins on guitar and lead vocals and James van Minnen on drums and backing vocals. They produce a very large sound drawing on the hypnotic riffs and rhythms of Northern Mississippi, tribal drum patterns reminiscent of Africa and lyrical storytelling full of humour and hope. The duo have been forging a brand of highly improvised roots-rock-trance-blues that has audiences grooving across the country and have been well received at festivals and venues around Southern Africa.

Guy Collins is the guitarist and lead singer for Mean Black Mamba. He is also currently involved as guitarist and backing singer in afro-fusion band Hot Water, live shows and recording sessions with Gerald Clark & The Deadmen, The Josh Hawks band and collaborations with various artists including Lonesome Dave Ferguson. He played in the 90’s cult band Billygoat and paid his dues with Afrikaans rocker Valiant Swart for a short period during the mid-90’s.

James van Minnen started his career as a percussionist. He was one of the founding members of fusion band Starkravingsane. He has subsequently become a sought after drummer and has pioneered a percussive, groove driven drumming style with Mean Black Mamba. Over the years he has worked with the likes of Mother City Mojo & Hot Water and is also an avid student of Middle Eastern percussion which helps to drive his other main project, Ottoman Slap.

They are currently working on expanding their already extensive repertoire and have recently been doing some intimate, extremely acoustic shows in the style of early blues and bluegrass artists, a couple of microphones and minimal amplification. They are currently working on a music video of a brand new song, Dirty South, which brings new instruments and elements of rap in fusion with their signature raw blues sound. Fans of roots blues and of artists such as Seasick Steve, The White Stripes, The Black Keys and the lesser known but legendary fathers of electric Mississippi boogie RL Burnside & Junior Kimbrough and the trance blues great Mississippi Fred Macdowell will thoroughly enjoy this show.

Have a listen….