Michael Charton – My Fathers Coat

October 5, 2016 @ 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Cafe Roux


Michael Charton is a Capetonian whose enthusiasm for the story of South Africa has gradually lured him away from his corporate career. Having qualified as a chartered accountant and spent time in a financial advisory role in the United States, Michael returned to Cape Town in 2007 where, during a short career in advertising, he was awoken to the art and power of storytelling.

Michael’s passion for South Africa’s past eventually saw him resign his role as a financial director; throwing caution to the wind, and founding INHERIT SOUTH AFRICA: An enterprise aiming to expose untold stories for entertainment; and in order to promote understanding and reconciliation.

Background to the Story – “My Father’s Coat”

Many of you would have heard Michael regaling his fascinating story of the 1937 Springboks on their legendary tour of New Zealand.

Well, finally, he has completed his new story, “MY FATHER’S COAT.” A project which has seen him realise a decade-long ambition to make the incredible story, that is South African history, more accessible to both South Africans and visitors alike.

His idea was to condense the epic narrative of South Africa into a bite-size story which is both compelling and accurate. A colossal, time-consuming challenge for Michael; but one which has given rise to a very unique product: a story providing order and meaning to a notoriously complex subject.

Michael finds unique opportunities to tell the same pivotal moments in the story through more than one set of eyes; so providing a powerful reminder of our heavy biases and the absurdity of our historic attitudes. Those attitudes ultimately responsible for South Africa’s catastrophic 20th century.

Never before has our South African history been told in this manner.

But importantly, this is no history lecture. Instead, this is a story. A human story, told by climbing into the boots of five prominent and directly interlinked protagonists spanning 200 turbulent years: Mzilikazi, Kruger, Rhodes, Smuts and Mandela


***Please note that dinner is available from 7pm & show starts at 8:30pm