February 17, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
cafe Roux Noordhoek



Mthwakazi, is a Xhosa Opera singer songwriter and performer from the Xhosa land of Eastern Cape. uMthwakazi has a pioneered a new style of music known as Xho-pera which synthesises African Indigenous bow music, Classical, Opera and Choral. Her repertoire is mainly derived from Xhosa Bow Music and is firmly dynamic, angelic and operatic (dramatic soprano) voice and carry a message which emphasizes optimism, progress and advocates for ubuntu (humanity) as a way of living. The music deeply explores our cultural heritage as Africans and powerfully promotes the use of the Xhosa language.

Mthwakazi seeks to awaken the forgotten times of great healing. The music represents unity between Africans, elders and the youth, different genders and different races; as everyone who listens to the music feels a sense of ownership and belonging to the music and message.

Mthwakazi is seeking funding opportunities to run indigenous bow making workshops around the country, starting in Cape Town. In her January performance at Café Roux Shortmarket street, Mthwakazi opened a dialogue with the audience. One of the questions from the lively crowd was: How can you make indigenous music and traditions relevant in today’s urban scene? Mthwakazi’s response was “I’m already doing it”. Experience her magic live and you’ll understand exactly what she’s talking about.

*Please Note: Dinner from 6.30/7pm. Show to start at 8.30pm