Tim Parr’s – Greenworld Kollective

October 11, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
cafe Roux, Noordhoek

Greenworld Kollective New


Greenworld Kollective was formed in 2013 and consists of core members Tim Parr (Guitar and Vocals), Dave Goldberg (Keyboards and Vocals) and Bruce Williams (Drums and Vocals), with various other musicians being featured from time to time according to the requirements of the show. This “kollective spirit” also allows for a spontaneity which often takes the band and the audience on a magical musical journey, bringing the songs to life.
Tim Parr and Bruce Williams began working together in 1976 with Baxtop an award winning rock group with the number one hit ‘Jo Bangles’. Tim then formed Ellamental with Heather Mac which also had numerous hit tunes during the eighties, while Bruce joined Tribe After Tribe with Robbi Robb. Also topping the charts with a Bob Dylan cover called ‘As I Went Out One Morning’. Both Ellamental and Tribe after Tribe attracted international record company interest which led to them performing in the UK, Ireland, the USA and Los Angeles respsctively.
Dave Goldberg has been playing keyboards and singing professionally for the past 15 years with various bands and as a solo artist. He is affectionately referred to as Greenworld Kollective’s “secret weapon” as his song writing and performance skills are both passionate and breath taking.
Jannie Hanepoot Van Tonder (Trombone) is an absolute gem and a treat to see live. He says “when he was doing military service in the early 1980”s, he used to watch Tim Parr play solo gigs with his Cube amp in Rockey Street in Yeoville, and thought “who is this amazing hooligan on guitar?’ Since then he honed his chops on the trombone in bands like the African Jazz Pioneers, Johannes Kerkorrel’s Gereformeerde Blues Band, Winstons Jive Mixup and he and Tim finally got to play together in the Phillipstines, a tribute band put together when their mutual friend James Phillips passed away in 1996. Now we jam whenever there is a chance”
The band currently present an exciting varied and memorable show featuring current songs penned independently by both Tim Parr and Dave Goldberg with Bruce’s dynamic drumming being the common element.
Both Bruce and Dave are music producers with studios in Muizenberg and Fish Hoek Cape Town. Currently they are working together on recording and producing an album
for Greenworld, which is proving to be an evolving process as they have recognized that ‘the magic’ lies in capturing the bands live performances together with the energy of a great audience, which they are now implementing and experimenting with.