WONDERboom: The Best Side Story

January 2, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
café Roux Noordhoek



For founding member, lead vocalist, songwriter and guitarist Cito (Martin Otto), music is his life. He has been involved in the music industry since he was seventeen and wouldn’t change it for the world. “When I’m not on stage or in studio, music continues to pulse through my heart. I love the role that music plays in this bizarre existence. Music has the power to make or break you,” he says. As for finding inspiration, he never runs short: “Sometimes it’s a groove that I hear in my head, other times it’ll be a line that someone has said, that just sticks and demands to be elaborated. It’s also wonderful to collaborate and when Martin sits in with me, we come up with the craziest ideas. Playing on new or other instruments also inspires me.” Cito is currently working on a number of side projects – one of which is his debut solo album – and does music direction and sound design for corporate and special events.

Martin Schofield, founding member, lead guitarist, songwriter and vocalist, is a British born and African raised lover of dogs, guitars, travel, tattoos, bacon and 50’s culture. Having worked in the industry since the age of sixteen, he has a long list of career highlights, but cites “being in WONDERboom with my brothers and paying the bills from music” as his personal best. Musically, Billy Duffy, John Squire, John Fruciante and Brian Setzer have had the biggest influence on his style. Martin is currently working on several side projects with Cito. He also does studio/session work and deals in vintage and used musical instruments.

Bassist Wade Williams has also been with the band from the very beginning. He has loved music from a very young age and, while his style is akin to the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea “because of my funky rock white boy thing”, it was George Michael’s special combination of production and emotion that got it all started for Wade. To him, playing live is an incredible privilege. “There are few better experiences than playing a show where you feel completely connected, as a band and with the audience. That’s what I live for.”

Drummer Jonathan Bell – who is also a qualified attorney – grew up in a musical family and has wanted to be a drummer for as long as he can remember. He started playing at the age of twelve and hasn’t stopped since. He enjoys all kinds of music, from the Beatles to Elton John, and everything in between. While he lists playing Oppikoppi 2014 in front of a massive crowd and winning gold at the Silk Road Indie Music Festival in China as career highlights, he believes the best is yet to come.

WONDERboom is undeniably one of South Africa’s greatest musical success stories, and their latest offerings – from Praying Mantis to The Best Side Story Tour – is set to continue to cement their place as local rock legends.

PLEASE NOTE: Dinner is served from 6:30/ 7pm, the show starts at 8:30pm.