Live Music Gallery – Noordhoek, Cape Town


“Cafe Roux is one of the very few live venues in South Africa that ‘gets it’. To them, as it should be to every other venue, the music and the artists come first. Great respect is shown when an artist performs on the night and it starts with a simple sign on each table saying ‘Shhhh, let’s listen to the music…’ Thank you for setting the bar so high when it comes to the simple art of music appreciation. Last time I played there I probably experienced my most sincere standing ovation of my career to date. It really is an honour to play at this venue” – ARD MATTHEWS

Behind the Lentil Curtain, in the heart of the Deep South, lies one of my favourite performance venues in South Africa: Cafe Roux. Talking Heads David Bearne talks about  the room creating the music. The relaxed intimacy of this room creates a great environment for music as well as stand-up comedy. It’s for this reason I’ve tested my last 3 one-man shows here. To the awesome people who run Cafe Roux (in particular Lindi and Deo) – thank you for the contribution you are to the music and comedy industry -it’s always a great pleasure being welcomed into your space.” – NIK RABINOWITZ

I grew up playing covers and background music at Cafe Roux. I loved it! Every time I go back to play a full on show there it always feels like home. The audience is always super-receptive, there is always a rad vibe. The level of professional makes Cafe Roux’s shows a highlight! – MATTHEW MOLE

“Cafe Roux is one of the most intimate venues around. Great place to play and I always feel at home there!” – DAN PATLANSKY

People often ask if we prefer performing for bigger audiences or smaller audiences. The bottom line is its not about the size of the audience…Its about the response from the audience. This is what keeps a band on the road and keeps a band motivated! Some of our greatest shows have been at Cafe Roux. We love the crowds that support us and the hospitality from the management and staff is unparalleled. Thank you Cafe Roux and here’s to many more shows under your cozy roof! – WATERSHED

Cafe Roux is my absolute favourite venue to play in the country. The staff are amazing, the food is awesome, and the people that come and watch are always the best crowd. It really has a special place in my heart and many other musicians around the country. – MAJOZI

Cafe Roux is one of my favourite gigs not only in South Africa but anywhere.  Such a pleasure to play a venue that takes care of all the elements that go into running a successful music venue.   Great staff, great food and a set-up for musicians that make it easy to perform.  And the ever friendly and efficient manager Deo is, like me, from Fish Hoek High School! –  ROBIN AULD

Great area, great food and a very attentive and appreciative audience, always makes this one of my favorite gigs in Cape Town. – ALBERT FROST

Here are  videos of some of the great Sessions we’ve hosted so far: