Natalie Chapman – something special….


90 Days 90 Towns 90 Gigs: Jan – April 2014. South African Singer Songwriter Natalie Chapman embarks on an epic Journey to Give a Voice to Victims of Violent and Sexual Crime in South Africa.

We think this is pretty amazing and you have to be a remarkable human being to achieve something like this! 90 gigs in 90 days – unbelievable! And for only R50 a ticket, you can be a part of this special evening.

From 30th Jan 2014 to 29th April 2014 they will embark on a journey across the country in their endeavour to visit 90 towns in 90 days performing 90 gigs and hosting talks across South Africa raising awareness for and bringing a voice to the millions of victims of violent and sexual crime in South Africa. The journey will be documented via online streaming, filming, traditional media and social networking. One woman on the road alone! In defiance of the dangers that a single woman faces on the open road she will travel alone for 90 days to 90 towns to perform 90 gigs nationwide.

Natalie is a successful and well-known Singer/Songwriter, Actress, Radio DJ, Lecturer, Music Promoter, Booking Agent, PR person and staunch supporter of South African Talent which she pursues through her company The Local Element.

An incredible live performer, vocalist and songwriter, Natalie Chapman is one of South Africa’s finest. A rising star internationally she is one of those musicians who has steadily been building a following and outstanding reputation in South Africa and Internationally. Her blend of Country/Blues/Rock original music and dynamic performances are well sought after by a wide and diverse fan base.

In Natalie’s own words:

“As a South African woman I am constantly reminded of the dangers that I face in a violent society, where mutual respect seems to have disappeared amongst our fellow citizens. I believe it is every person’s right to feel safe and protected in and out of their homes.   I am passionate about finding a solution to the devastating situation we find ourselves in and wonder and worry about the future of our children. As a musician I can contribute my voice to the pursuit of a South Africa where women, men and children can pursue their dreams without the threat of violence.  Where perpetrators are brought to justice and victims are treated with kindness and support. I have committed my time and skills to the 90 days, 90 towns, 90 gigs tour where I will spread my message through music! I hope in some way to make a difference in all of our lives” – Natalie