The Kiffness, potjies, Toya Delazy & some striptease Burlesque…..

diva 4

Love our lineup of our entertainment this week. Wednesday night we spend a cozy night with THE KIFFNESS. They make jazzy, groovy & uplifting house music & are fast becoming one of South Africa’s favourite live electronic acts. Will be seriously good fun, like a party in your dining room. And don’t forget – Thursday is a public holiday so no excuse really. How can you not have fun to this….

Thursday is the annual Potjie cook-off competition – always a brilliant day at the Village. Come down in the afternoon & taste 10 teams fighting it out for the cup. Judges are Franck Dangeroux & Justin Bonello. Music with Ben Dey & the Concrete LionsFriday night we enjoy a slightly naughty night out & get entertained by lovely ladies from Black Orchard Burlesque. They will be performing Looks That Kill: A Burlesque Varietease Show with a live band. Something totally different & lots of fun! Looks something like this…. night we host a SA megastar. TOYA DELAZY is literally taking the world by storm right now. Ascension, her second album, has made her a household name both sides of the Atlantic. Will be amazing to watch the Zulu pop princess doing a completely solo, stripped-down performance.  Can’t wait for this one. This was a huge radio hit….

Don’t forget the late afternoon live music over the weekend – Saturday afternoon Jonathan Simons (2 – 4pm) & Sunday Ben Ulric (2 – 4pm).What a great week! Head to www.caferouxsessions to book your tickets.